Magic is what happens when we surrender to the power of the pen and lose ourselves on the page. It’s what happens when we allow ourselves to just write.


Always wanted to write but not sure where to start?

Do you have great ideas but don’t know how to get them on the page?

Would you like to write a novel?

Or write your life story?

Justwrite Creative Writing Classes and personally tailored Coaching Sessions can help.


No Excuses, Just Write Coaching Program

Wanting to write and getting the writing done are often two entirely different things. Many of us need some external support and encouragement to achieve our writing dreams.

The new No Excuses, Just Write package will help do just that.

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Justwrite Pamela Cook

One on One Coaching

Some people prefer to learn in a one on one environment where you are personally supported and encouraged as you discover what you want to write and achieve your writing goals.

Justwrite offers a range of One on One coaching options.

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Justwrite Pamela Cook

Courses and Workshops

Justwrite offers a variety of writing courses including half and full day workshops, weekly classes and online writing courses. Topics covered in our workshops and courses include creative writing, fiction writing, memoir writing, life writing and how to write a book.

Great new courses in 2017:

  • Weekly Writing Classes
  • Intensive Writing Course in Commercial Fiction (Fiji – April 29 – May 6)
  • Word Warriors Revision & Editing Workshop (4hr sessions conducted on 3rd Saturday of each Month from February0

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